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> >>I was talking about Sheridan being a teep.
> [snip]
> >I don't think so. He didn't start out a telepath, that much
> >seems sure.[snip]

> I accept Sheridan has never admited to being a teep.  However in 'In The
> Beginning' Chapter 5 General Leftcourt accuses Sheridan's father of cheating at
> poker.  One of the ways telepaths are detected.

There's also the enigmatic bit somewhere in season 5 where Sheridan 
is able to withstand Lyta's spiffy mind-control powers because he too 
has been Touched By A Vorlon -

 ( - which conjures up a mental image of a profoundly weird crossover 

 - implying that Sheridan had at least some degree of psi-enhancement 
ever since his initial close encounter with Kosh

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Sheridan is *definitely* not a teep.


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