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Kerry Casey <kcasey at> wrote:
>>"Kurt Reisler" <klr at> wrote:
>> I am curious (and a bit concerned) to know if the Babylon 5 Fan Club
>> customer records are considered as part of the assets which are going to
>> be up on the block.  If so, I think we can all expect to be contacted by
>> whomever turns out to be the high-bidder on the B5 items.
>Oh well, at least that way I'll get my copy of the Z'ha'dum script (ordered
>and order acknowledged by email, but not dispatched before the Fan Club's
>business was suspended - that will teach me to order something the moment it
>becomes available, rather than waiting a couple of weeks)
>Kerry Casey
>Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
>E-mail kcasey at

I am in the same position.  I wonder if anyone else will pickup the sale
of "authorized" (by whom?) Babylon 5 scripts.

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>I am in the same position.  I wonder if anyone else will pickup the sale
>of "authorized" (by whom?) Babylon 5 scripts.

That is not feasible.  Only a few scripts were on hand in the fan club offices,
so while those might be in play...under the WGA separation of rights provision,
the writer of a script owns the rights to the actual, physical script, so that
would be me and whatever other writers worked on B5.  Nobody can authorize the
sale of such scripts but the writer.


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