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For folks who've been asking when the new City of Dreams episode(s) would be
going up at've turned in two scripts.  The first
one up, "The Alpha and Omega of David Wells," should go into the studio in
about a week, and will star Peter Gallagher (of American Beauty, and Sex, Lies
& Videotape).  The second episode, "Dream Police," will go up a bit thereafter.

And for those missed the first few issues of Rising Stars and have been
wondering when the trade paperback was coming out...well, it's out.  "Rising
Stars: Born in Fire" gathers the first 8 issues, plus various covers, with Neil
Gaiman's introduction.  It hit newsstands this past week.

After bugging the guys at, I've gotten them to lower the price a
bit for the Tribulations trade paperback, so this may be a good time to check
it out.

The Jeremiah pilot movie script is in at Showtime, and we'll know something
about the disposition of said pilot in about 2 weeks.

(A non-directly-jms related plug: the friendly folks at have just
come out with the secong large pewter sculpture, a Black Omega Starfury, which
looks even better than the station figurine.  They also have one of the niftier
opening menus for the B5 stuff, with music and the B5 logo in various languages
(Minbari, Narn, Centauri and others.)  You can find the whole shebang at

I may have some interesting B5 related info for folks very soon, but I don't
want to say anything prematurely.  Suffice to say there are some intersting
conversations going on right now with guys in suits.)

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