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> >And does anyone know when Fiona is scheduled to be there?
> >
> I sent Fiona an email asking, and this is the reply:
> "Space Fantasy Television: A How-To -Saturday 2/19, 12:00pm
> ** Discussion about the planning and implementation of SF television, and
> best strategies and success stories
> Science Fiction Across the Pond -Sunday 2/20, 2:00pm
> ** Approaching the craft of science fiction from both sides of the
> Ocean, with writers from both the US and UK
> Doing a reading of one of my short stories on Sunday around noon-ish.
> I hope to autograph after my reading, and have scripts available for

Those sound like great panel topics!  I'd love to watch them.  (Web cam!)

I can't speak for the Toronto Ad Astra Science-Fiction Convention as a
whole, but I'd certainly put in my vote for you as a guest of honour.  (It's
primarily a written F&SF convention rather than media, but I think you
certainly qualify in that regard!)  I suspect that Toronto Trek would *love*
to invite you as well -- and probably already have.  (Yes, I know, it's got
the T-word in its name, but they are good people, and like to get the
writers as well the actors to the convention.)

Of course, the secret is to get the publishers and agents to the convention,
and then the writers will come.  That's for written SF.  Is there an
equivalent for media SF, or is it a lost cause to get the media people with
any power to a con?  (Mutter, 5 minutes with Ted Turner behind the hotel,
mutter, Narn bat-squad, mutter...)

Ron of that ilk.

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>I suspect that Toronto Trek would *love*
>to invite you as well -- and probably already have.  (Yes, I know, it's got
>the T-word in its name, but they are good people, and like to get the
>writers as well the actors to the convention.)

Yes, I've been contacted multiple times by them, and you're right, they're
good, and remarkably patient/persistent people.  But I kinda set this rule not
to do cons with the word Trek in the title, because I tend to get grief from a
portion of the Trek fans who think I'm "poaching" on their terrain.  Since this
can, at times, become quite...intense...on their part, I'd rather not get into
the situation to begin with.


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