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   My dear comic book afficonadio (or whatever it is) friend and I talked
over Rising Stars, and she commented that she feels the 'Image Look' of
comics doesn't fit well with how she perceives the tone of the book's
   So my question is, how much control did you have in choosing and do you
have in directing the artists in Rising Stars, and are you content with the
result?  If not, how would you change it?

     We have both noticed several seemingly gratuitous T&A shots (if you
don't know what T&A are, acronymize this:  Tom In The Store & Amy Sits
Silently), and have joked that perhaps Image is afraid JMS's comic won't
sell without a seductive female lead.  But the first question is our main

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I have approval over every aspect of the book, including artists.  Christian's
name was presented to me with a sample of his work, and I liked what I saw.

As for the rest, from time to time I go for an adult-ish image, because it's
kind of an adult book.


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