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"Iain Reid" <iain at> spewed:
>I doubt Sci-Fi would pay for an entire run of Crusafe - but if JMS and Co
>were still going to go down this route, of salvaging Crusade, couldn't they
>look for an international partnership.  I noticed at the end of this week's
>Farscape that it is produced with a US/AUS partnership.  Babylon 5 is very

Partnerships have been very popular - LEXX is a Canadian/German
coproduction.  The movies were the best, and although I like the
series, I'll be the first to admiot that the series does not hold a
candle to the movies (particularly the first and the fourth).

Farscape is another terrific example.  I didn' know it was a
partnership - I didn't study the credits that closely, but it is a
territic series. I knew it was going to be a keeper the first time I
watched it, and I'm pleased to say that I'm only missing two eps,
which, like B5 the 2-3 B5 eps I need to rerecord in my SVHS
collection, I keep missing in reruns. :)

Perhaps JMS should contact the CHUM network in Canada, and see what
kinda of help he can get from them.  They seem quite favourable toward
SF, and they have a bit of money in their banks - I wonder if
something might be possible?

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>Perhaps JMS should contact the CHUM network in Canada, and see what
>kinda of help he can get from them. 

What y'all have to understand is that *I* cannot approach anyone.  The show is
owned lock, stock and PPG by Warner Bros., and I can't even start to get into
any kind of brokering, 'cause it would massively tread on toes and be beyond my
legal purview.


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