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> >JMS, you said on your Yahoo chat that for MN you came up with a
> >that nobodys done before.  After looking at the previews I'm still
> >confused by this statement.  The only thing I saw that was slightly
> >different then most comics was that some of the panels overlapped
> >ones but that's been done before.  Am I missing something or is the
> >layout impossible to see unless its in actual comic form?
> No.  I specifically made sure that the pages given for the preview
> did not contain the format stuff.  You'll see....


You've mentioned Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons WATCHMEN, which was
groundbreaking in its formating of the panel layout structure of whole
issues.  Have you read Howard Chaykin's AMERICAN FLAGG?

What comics have you found inspiring?  What current and classics do you

scott tilson.
Recommended:   SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF EARTH  by   Steve Gerber & Doug
Wheatley.   http://www.dccomics.com/bnw/july/lastson/a.htm

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>Have you read Howard Chaykin's AMERICAN FLAGG?

Yeah, it was a great book, and the art and the story were engaging and weird
and funny and innovative.

>What comics have you found inspiring?  What current and classics do you enjoy?

I like weird stuff...I get any of Frank Miller's stuff, the Alan Moore stuff
from Awesome, I always get Usagi and the Tick...just a wide variety of stuff.


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