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> Certainly in the case of MIDNIGHT NATION, it's a focused story about
> two individuals, as opposed to an epic tale about 113 people over 60+
> years.  We get right into it and get things moving almost immediately.
> It's also been a big help to get Rising Stars going because it's
> helped me learn a lot about how to do this.  My goal as always is to
> make the next thing better than the last thing.

Wow, and you're already working with Frank ... does that mean the next
thing will be with *Neal Adams*?   :)

Increased experience combined with inovative storytelling passion
always seems to create better work with each new project.  Alan Moore's
early work on british comics anthologies were decent if unexceptional,
improving steadily, he really broke groud when he took over SWAMP
THING, with his stories and in fandom, as perhaps the first *writer* to
increase the value of back issues.

Other's certainly followed, including Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman.
The "Joe's Comics" imprint is a refreshing return to the importance of
concept and substance of story.

Hmm, I saw something on the Top Cow BBs that suggests that "the next
thing" isn't so far away ...

<< In the Wizard Tomb raider special it says there will be three Joe's
comics titles.
1. Rising stars
2. Midnight Ntaion
3. starts in november, any news about this? >>

A new title in November? Rumour or truth?  I wasn't expecting anything
until after MN...

scott tilson.
Recommended:  THE MESSENGER  by  Jerry Ordway.

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><< In the Wizard Tomb raider special it says there will be three Joe's
>comics titles.
>1. Rising stars
>2. Midnight Ntaion
>3. starts in november, any news about this? >>
>A new title in November? Rumour or truth? 

We've discussed this, but I'm not quite ready to commit yet until I know what
that story will be.  (It'd most likely be just a 3 or 4 issue mini.)  I'd
rather take my time and do just a few things and do them well than do a lot and
do only half of them well.


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