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Re : McCain's defeat in primaries - Next step.

Since most people who have sent McCain money over the internet seem to be
individuals and since he has been trying to appeal to a more 'liberal' vote,
perhaps the *official* backing of the Republican Party isn't actually
necessary and he would be better off standing as an independent. Current
voting for presidential elections is low as it is so perhaps some of those
who currently don't bother voting would vote for someone outside the big two
(who let's face it have little between them politically anyway). I know this
is off topic (as were the other discussions on this issue) but I just
thought I would suggest it. My only reservation would be since McCain has a
more right wing voting record in Congress than Bush (son of the ex CIA
leader president) is he the man you really want for President? While I know
someone like Warren Beatty sounds on the face of it daft, is it really?
After all Beatty's film comedy Bulworth showed that he had a fine grasp of
political issues and a clear understanding of the hypocrisy of big money
politics, he also has a consistent record of outspoken left wing views and
is a talented artist (which after all is the only reason everyone in this
group reads your various emails). Seeya. Joe Middleton

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One of McCain's idols is Teddy Roosevelt, who of course ran third party when
his own party fell behind the goals that he had set for them.  He lost, but
then again, there is nothing that says history *must* repeat itself.

If I were on his board of advisors, I'd tell him run third party.  I think it's
actually feasible now, whereas it wasn't in prior years.


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