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> >Knowing that the Chronology's dates are official (if not actually
> >canon), does the order these episodes appear in the Chronology
> >reflect the order you originally intended these episodes to appear
> >in? Or is there some more (or less) devious reason for the
> >asynchronicity?
> Yes.  Check out the lurker's guide.  There's definate plot issues due
> to the airing order and story order not matching up.  Attitudes change
> with no reason and so on.  Lurker's guide has them both listed.

If you're talking about the listing on the master episode list (found at 
<>, that still 
doesn't match the order in the Chronology. For instance, the Chronology 
lists "Babylon Squared" as being immediately followed by "Legacies", 
then "Grail". (My mention in my previous post of AVitW being listed as 
after "Babylon Squared" was a misimpression caused by the extremely odd 
page layout used by the magazine.) On the Lurker's Guide's corrected 
order, "Legacies" is listed as being the next-to-last episode in the 
first season, between "TKO" and "Chrysalis". (Given what Alisa Belden 
saw in Delenn's mind, I think it makes more sense for "Legacies" to be 
immediately before "Chrysalis" than for it to be half a season earlier.)

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Because episodes were often aired out of order, you have to look at what's
*inside* the episode when determining the chronology rather than when PTEN
decided to air an episode.


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