Babylon 5 in College Courses?

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> Well, I'm a philosophy professor (or was. These days I'm looking into IT
> jobs since I can't get a teaching one) and I used B5 episodes for teaching
> Ethics, Metaphysics and Sci Fi and Philosophy (emphasis on the Philosophy. I
> used the Sci Fi as a jumping off point to make them view the problems from a
> different perspective.) My students informed me they weren't the easiest
> courses they'd ever taken, but they certainly were informative and made them
> think which, after all, is the aim.

Shaz, I would've loved to have you as a teacher. :-) (It's just a shame
that my school years ended long before B5 existed...)

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I believe there was a class in "The Philosophy of Babylon 5" (or words to that
effect) at the University of Illinois at Urbana for at least one semester.


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