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Tammy Smith wrote:

> [MODERATOR'S NOTE: The US Presidential election has still not been
> decided as of 13:45 MT Nov 8 2000     CLM]
> Oh, it pained me to write that subject-line!  :P
> Personally, I'm sickened, especially since I voted for Gore instead of
> Nader because the race was so close.  Next time, I may re-register as a
> Green & leave the Democats--that's how disgusted I am.
> With that idiot Bush in, we'll be the laughing-stock of the world.  At
> least the comedians will have a good time, though.
> Yuck.  :(
> Tammy

Hey, for the first time in my life I got to vote :) And I was proud of it,
since I recently became a US citizen just last September.  I asked my
roommate if he was going to vote. He said he'd think about it. That was 3
days before election day and he hadn't even been registered at the time.
Well, he didn't vote.

I believe that if any person who criticizes "this guy", and says that
he/she would vote for the other guy and doesn't perform his/her civic duty,
in my view, he/she is a hypocrit.

Being a new Citizen, I was proud and honored to be able to vote :)

- GaribaldisUniform-

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>Hey, for the first time in my life I got to vote :) And I was proud of it,
>since I recently became a US citizen just last September. 

As you should be.  Doesn't matter who you voted for, you *got involved* and you
exercised what is the most prized right of any citizen, anywhere, the right to
vote and choose the shape of the country.

And as we've seen, even a few votes here and there can make a *profound*

Doesn't matter to me who you voted for, that ain't the issue.  That you chose
to matter, is what's important.


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