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....but only in the Montpelier-Barre Times Argus, which you've never heard
of, as it only serves the capital city area of Vermont.  I just wish and
hope that one of the big-name, widely read political pundits or editorial
writers would take up the same, to me obvious, logic.

Bush Should Concede 

It is now clear that the American people's voice was heard, and that we
voted for Al Gore. Not by a large margin, but by a clear margin. Gore won
the popular vote; no one disputes that. More voters in Florida went to the
polls to vote for Gore than for Bush. That some were unable to do so was at
best a technical error, at worst a mix of technical errors and scandalous
impropriety. Neither of these should choose a President. 

Even Pat Buchanan, the most conservative person on the national political
scene, publicly stated that over 2,400 misvotes cast for him, from just one
of many irregular voting incidents, should be given to Gore -- easily
enough to tip the balance. Saying this demonstrated integrity on Buchanan's
part that may surprise many. 

That kind of integrity is what Bush claimed, throughout the campaign, as
his greatest strength, the reason you should vote for him. By not conceding
to the will of the people, he reveals it for the lie it was. If he becomes
president it will be because of two lies that all the world will know to be
lies: that more Americans wanted him as President, and that he earned those
votes because of integrity and character. This will cloud his every action,
hamstring his position, and make a mockery of the United States. 

Will this be Bush's legacy before he even starts the job? 

- Frank J. Perricone, Williamstown 

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Fast question...I saw a quick piece on CNN saying that the reason New Mexico is
now going Bush is because the Republican party screamed blood murder about a
bunch of people not getting their absentee ballots, and thus was able to get
them to vote *after the election* and this has made up the bulk of the sudden
difference.  Anybody else see this to verify?


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