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Date: 11 Nov 2000 09:49:10 -0700
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OK, I got my new progress report today for Loscon 27, and you are
listed, Joe, but no date for your appearance. Do you know when you will
be able to make it? Will it be your usual Sunday afternoon, or are you
coming for longer, since you have so much cool stuff to share this year?
Just wondering when that weekend I'm going to find the time to escape
and run off to the American Cinematheque's screening of Lawrence of
Arabia in 70mm widescreen.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll,

"If hell freezes over, can we all go play hockey there?"

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Date: 11 Nov 2000 16:58:23 -0700
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At this point, I think I'll be doing a brief talk Sunday afternoon, but that's
it as far as I know.


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