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Greetings JMS,
I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude
to you and to those who have worked with, for and besides
you in creating the JatWW mini series about
the Liberty Stone by giving me Vantu.

"Beware and be warned you, three little piglets; hiding safe and secure
in your little brick house, Vantu is coming to dinner..."
So hereby, I thank you (all) very much.

I am wondering; am I committing blasphemy by stating
that Vantu means just as much for me as Superman does for

It was a rock called Kryptonite; that weakened Superman
and a rock called the Liberty Stone; that empowered Vantu.

Daydreaming and mesmerizing about Vantu is my favourite hobby;
I am trying to reconstruct his past and to figure out his motives behind
his 'evil' actions by turning everything upside down and inside out
with my imagination as my tool.

What I really loved about JatWW is that it has triggered my imagination to blossom,
to expand and to grow; it has encouraged me to extrapolate, embellish and add
elements of my own, to go way beyond the series in my imaginations.

I am using the following signature while I am discussing about Vantu and anyone
or anything related to him with fellow fans of JatWW on or of the JatWW 
mailing list (I have shared with them my boldest assumption that
Vantu = Axilar and Axilar = Vantu)

"Where There Is Light, There Is Shadow
 Where There Is No More Light, There Is No More Shadow
 Only Darkness Remains
 I Stand Between the Monster Minds and the Lightning League
 I Stand Between the Darkness and the Light
 I Am Shadow 
 For The Destruction of the Black Light, I Am Vantu"
Do you think it honours him?

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>Do you think it honours him?

I couldn't possibly think of any other word that could describe it.


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