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> I also turned in the outline for the pilot TV movie this week, and today,
> Friday, was put to script on THAT project as well.  With that hurdle passed, I
> can now talk a little about it.  The network is indeed Showtime, as some have
> speculated, with Paramount Television the studio attached, and it's for an
> hour-series (debuting with a two-hour pilot movie) slated for their Sci-Fi
> Fridays slot.  The project is based on an outside source, though I can't yet
> comment on that.  I'm on as executive producer/show runner.  In addition,
> feature film director Joe Dante is aboard also as executive producer, and he
> will be invaluable in setting the visual and directorial tone of the series. 
> It's been an absolute pleasure working with Joe, and if we get past the next
> few hurdles -- every series has to go through the stages of pilot outline,
> pilot script, decision to produce the script and then the go-order on a series,
> same as with B5 and every other program -- I'm *really* looking forward to
> working with him on the series.

This wouldn't be the series mentioned by SciFi Weekly site - Starship
Regulars (that starts in June 2001) - would it? :)

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>This wouldn't be the series mentioned by SciFi Weekly site - Starship
>Regulars (that starts in June 2001) - would it? :)



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