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Okay, here I go and commit the newsgroup equivalent of suicide, but
someone had to ask: is it *at all* possible to get a decent artist on
RISING STARS? The current one is seriously interfering with my enjoyment
of the story - did I say "enjoyment"? Hell, he's interfering with my
capacity to **read** it!

I can't tell the characters apart, which is a slight problem in a
character driven story, especially nine issues into the story. After
reading the first eight books, I'm not sure who is who: not one
character has stuck to my mind, except for the immortal guy who got
smothered in one early issue. I read the issues as they come out, but I
just get the gist of the plot and nothing much beyond that, as the
various characters blur into a single undifferentiated crowd, basically.

I had no problem with "Midnight Children"'s cast of a thousand, but then
there was no artwork there to conspire against the story!!! I have no
problems with comics: I've been reading comics (Barks!) ever since
before I could read, I'm French and have a huge collection of various
graphic albums, and I devour just about everything I can get my hands upon.

So far, I've bought but not read RS#9 and am not feeling really
motivated to do so.

"Midnight Nation" is so much better: excellent artwork and storytelling,
differentiated characters you have no problem telling apart, backgrounds
delineated beyond the generic filler material which is the norm in RS.

I'm not the only one having problems with the artwork on RS, I keep
reading messages of people bemoaning it on various newsgroups.

OK, go ahead: shoot me now!! :-)


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We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are..."
                           Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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We're taking steps to improve the art.  We've changed colorists because the
thing was coming out WAY too dark (stuff got changed after I approved it) and
we're changing inkers.  That should help.


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