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Of all things... An obscure French comic book. Why?

Did you have any knowledge of it before being approached about the project?

Have you had any contact with the creator?

Since the comic was written in the late 70s/ealy 80s, will you be
updating the setting with the current tech and trends? Having things
like the net and cell phones ready to be rediscovered makes for a bit of
a different "post-apocalyptic" society then one could have imagined 20
years ago.

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The book has been in print about 20 years and is in desperate need of updating;
a lot of what was in the book was fresh at the time, but we've had any number
of other post-apocalyptic stories in TV and film (A Boy and his Dog, Damnation
Alley, Logan's Run, the various Mad Max movies) along the way, and there has to
be a totally fresh approach, something to bring the thing into the 21st
century.  They gave me complete free rein in doing so...and that's the answer
to the "why" in your question.


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