Showtime series revealed?

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Nothing official yet, but the rumor mill has this to say:

> 9:00am ET, 3-October-00
> Jeremiah Is Straczynski's Pilot
> Variety identified the pilot being written by Babylon 5 creator
> J. Michael Straczynski for Showtime: Jeremiah, based on a
> long-running European SF comic series of the same name.
> Straczynski had posted to a Babylon 5 newsgroup that he was
> working on the two-hour pilot, but had declined to name it.
> Variety said that the SF pilot from Lions Gate Entertainment will
> tell the story of Earth 15 years after a virus has killed everyone
> who has reached puberty. Joe Dante (Small Soldiers) will executive
> produce the pilot, which could develop into a Showtime series.

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The paraphrase of the Variety article gets it wrong; Joe Dante and I are both
executive producers, and I'm the designated showrunner.


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