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> No, excuse me, it's EPITATH.  I got it right, youse guys got it wrong.

Uh, from Merriam-Webster online:

"The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling
suggestion below or try again using the Dictionary search box to the right.

"Suggestions for EPITATH:
  "1. epitaph
  "2. epithet

Now, I don't have $550 for an OED, second edition, so we could still be


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Okay, it's happened again.  I'm getting tired of this.

I've always harbored the sneaky suspicion that every so often, there's a
dimensional shift, and the only way you can tell is that there are slight
differences in language that surface one day out of nowhere.

Like...remember when John Chancellor's name was pronounced with an -er sound at
the end?  Then suddenly, one day, everybody was saying John ChancellOR, with a
big OR at the end...when the hell did THAT happen?

And all my life, it's been "weekend," said with even stress on both it seems like everybody is saying "weekEND," the more British

"REPutable" has just become "rePUTable" in many conversations, all at once.

And now this...this EPITATH thing.

Look...all my life, I've seen, heard, and read it as epitath.  Not epitaph,
which I can't even SAY for chrissakes!  Now all of a sudden it isn't even in

It's another friggin' dimensional shift, I'm telling you.

But this one wasn't complete...I did a web search, and even though the word
isn't in the dictionary, by god there are still several THOUSAND references to
it on the webs, that THEY haven't gotten to yet.

There's the Tombstone Epitath, at

A reference to Ben Franklin's epitath at

There's an epitath GENERATOR at

But's the smoking gun...when you do a search on epitath, one of the
listings is

which is noteworthy because it shows up in the search when you type epitath,
but when you get there...IT'S EPITAPH!  

I swear, there was a dimensional shift in the middle of the night, and it's
still rolling through, and it's NOT MY FAULT.


Christ on a thing you people are going to tell me the Beatles
broke up and the *Who* stayed together....


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