Hey! She was building that thing since the very beginning!

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 I started watching Babylon 5 originally halfway through
the second season, and never caught most of the first one until
now.  I'm loving watching how it's all being set up, even (perhaps
especially) knowing what's going to come:

Delenn was building "that thing", just sort of in the background,
all along.  No mention of what is is or why she's building it yet,
but it's still obviously planned from the beginning. The first time
I saw it is when she comes out of it... (When I first saw it being
built, I exclaimed out loud - my roommate came into the room to see
what was so cool, then walked away shaking his head wondering how
I could get so excited watching some bald chick playing with blocks :-)

G'Kar seemed a right old bastard in season one - if I hadn't seen the
rest of it first, I would have expected him to be the Main Bad Guy!
But then, as he himself pointed out, "no one here is exactly what
they appear."

Morden - I finally got to see his first appearance.  Seems like a nice
enough guy. :-)  Now I finally understand what everyone was talking
about here when they mentioned that whole "What do you want" thing...

And speaking of Morden, Londo sure changed a lot over the series! In
the first season he seemed nothing more than a pathetic aging
bureaucrat.  He doesn't seem to see much promise in his post beyond
a bit of petty graft/extortion.  He didn't have so many budget problems
in later seasons! :-)

Anyway, there's more - much, much more - but I'll end now and just say:
Damn, this is so cool!  Thank you, JMS!!

   -Pat (Who is finally *happy* that he missed the first season!)

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>Anyway, there's more - much, much more - but I'll end now and just say:
>Damn, this is so cool!  Thank you, JMS!!

Thank YOU for sticking around....


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