Midnight Nation #1

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> Joe, I am obligated to say that Midnight Nation #1 kicked ass.  After
> just one issue it is obvious that this comic is a little different,
> exhibiting an amount of depth I was not expecting from a comic (a
> which is light years away from the super-hero genre), and showing that
> comics *can* be for adults!  Thank you!

A solid thumbs up here.  While many of the themes and ideas aren't have
been done before, as some comics critics have pointed out, the
execussion is highly readable and at present there *isn't* anything out
there quite like it, making it fresh again.

Much like B5 did with golden age novel SF, with a contemporary delivery.

Good work.  Definitely an improvement on RS.

Gary Frank's also done some or his best, both in art and visual
storytelling.  It's great to see joe trust him so much; the script are
complimentary, moving the story along making the issue more
substantial, instead of repeating each other.

The writers and editor of Carlos Pacheco's dawning run on Marvel's
Fantastic Four could learn from this.

BTW, the article/preview at Wizard's site seems to have been deleted,
so I can't use it for my links & recommended reading page.  Any chance
of a full colour MIDNIGHT NATION preview on the Top Cow site?  Joe?

scott tilson.
Recommended: 2001 NIGHTS by Yukinobo Hoshino.

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Thanks for the kind words; the book has done very well, and it takes some very
cool directions starting with the next issue.


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