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>>If I understood you correctly, B5:Crusade is never going to be made
>>because TNT is holding the rights and won't sell them in a reasonable
>>price, thus not allowing anyone else to make it
>No, that's not quite it.  WB owns the rights to Crusade, not TNT.  SFC wanted
>the rerun rights to B5 *as well as* Crusade because it seemed counter
>productive to have the one without the other.  TNT, not wanting Crusade to
>succeed elsewhere -- in the past movies they'd passed on went on to earn emmys
>elsewhere, something that annoyed them no end -- asked for a huge sum of money
>to pry loose the reruns of B5, far more than anyone would pay.  That was the
>final sticking point in the deal, not the Crusade part.

But, SFC *has* B5 airing rights now, does that also imply that they
now have the rerun rights to Crusade?

Could you please reexplain this deal 'cause I'm certainly
misunderstanding something.


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>But, SFC *has* B5 airing rights now, does that also imply that they
>now have the rerun rights to Crusade?

No, because they are two different shows with two different contracts.  SFC
would have to separately purchase the rights to rerun Crusade.  They're two
different shows.


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