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Because I've been up to my ears in work the last few weeks, like an idiot I
kept forgetting to update the Tribulations info posted earlier.

The entire manuscript of Tribulations, my first new novel in 12 years, is now
up at, having been serialized last moth in 4 weekly segments. 
It's been at the #1 spot now since it first went up, and now it can be read all
the way through online for free.

(And for those who want to actually buy the thing -- and be entered in a
drawing for the keyboard on which I wrote most of Babylon 5 and other stuff,
signed and with a letter of authenticity -- it's available over on

Other stuff still available to be read free online at bookface include: the
last two scripts I wrote for Crusade (the arc-starter To The Ends of the Earth,
and the planned season one cliffhanger End of the Line), and three short
stories of mine, Say Hello Mister Quigley (dark fantasy), Cold Type
(contemporary fantasy), and We Killed Them in the Ratings (novelette length

Aside from my stuff, btw, Bookface has really expanded its inventory of new
original works by established and up-and-coming's fast becoming
the place to go to find out what's coming up on the horizon in terms of rising
SF and fantasy writers.


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