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Well, it's not one of the "truly inspirational" stories that sometimes
are posted among us here on the listserv, but in a way the story of
Babylon 5 changed my future. 

Babylon 5, I first mainly saw on TNT when it was ran at the time spot
of 7pm ET, it was then when my mind surged, doors opened. For the
previous years of my life, I was terribly uncreative. The writing I
came up with was totally lacking in emotion, description, and
creativity. But than in the summer of 98, I was watching Babylon 5 and
it all changed. [Well that and the first blood of hatred for high
school mathematics came to me:)] Suddenly, I simply wanted to write;
be it persuasive essays, informative essays, and fiction, I wanted to

I also at that point fell in love with history. The year after, I
signed up for the AP European History class. From learning about the
tales of the wars of Louis XIV, the War of Spanish Succession, The War
of Devolution, to learning about the blasphemic Treaty of Versailles
at the end of the First World War, it simply puts you and the rest of
the population in it's place. All the men and women that came before
you, how they formed this once and future world into what it is, just
imaging what would happen had a simple choice back in the eons past
been changed, how it would affect the current world. 

It all opened, the locks forever vanished. 

Then she came, that one character. She is forever glued to my heart
and mind, simply, she is a woman who has lost her son, the simple
premise applied to millions of stories, set in the past, present, and
in my case for writing, the future.   

I hope, in the future to be a screenwriter, hopefully in television. I
have a few contacts in the industry, which hopefully I can persuade to
aid me in my fight for creativity. Anyways, thanks for Babylon 5 :-)

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That's an excellent story, and good luck with your writing.


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