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This is a copy of a post I left at the B5 BBS over at SciFi. It explains a
problem that others have included in posts over there, too. I'm not sure what
you can do about it, except tell SciFi your fans are upset about SciFi not
being able to run on schedule; they have no one to run the trains!

My SciFi post:
''I was so excited about the auspicious debut of B5 on SciFi. I even set my
timer to add 2 to 3 extra minutes at the end. And know what? I STILL didn't get
all of The Gathering Part 1!
I'm not taping Part 2; I don't have all of Part 1! And -- AND -- is this how
it's going to be with all B5 episodes? Yes, the answer is to add an extra 5 to
10 minutes to the timer, but what if B5 starts early? What then?
What SciFi has shown recently with Farscape, for example, is that no one around
there knows how to read a clock. (Hey, SciFi, the big hand points to the hour
and the little hand points to the minute.) So now I have to wait for The
Gathering to be rerun -- in its entirety as a TV movie would be good (uh-duh!)
-- and probably babysit my VCR because SciFi can't be counted on to run on
time! Although that SHOULD be the network's responsibililty, running on time.
And I was so looking forward to this re-edited version with Christopher
Franke's score.
So how about it, SciFi? When are you going to rerun The Gathering, and when are
you going to get it right?''


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As I understand it, this situation only applies to The Gathering because of the
need to split it into two parts.  It shouldn't be a problem in later episodes.

And they basically cropped the regular version to create a faux widescreen for
this broadcast of The Gathering, but on balance I think it was probably better
and easier to do it this way than to show the regular aspect ratio after they'd
been advertising the wide all this time and have to explain that it only
applied to this one, single movie.


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