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Having just finished issue #30 of  Amazing Spider Man, and want to give a big
'ole thank-ya!  

Not only do I have the sense, not felt in a long time, that Peter Parker
actually has some focus and direction that means something (in no small part
due to the great trust I have in your writing, earned like no other writer has
ever done, time and time again in project after project.).  Not only was there
a significant amount of plot rendered page by page.  Not only was the humor
there, but in service to the story, rather than being an obligatory smattering
amidst a multiple-issue fight sequence.  But best of all, damn it, is I
actually found myself caring about the character again.  It's been a looong

The other thing I noticed was how your ability for plotting and pacing out a
story, given so much exercise with television scripts, really translates well
into comics.  I suppose if any medium has the most elements of timing and
pacing equivalent to television, it's a comic book. The result is, when I
reached the last page I felt like I had been somewhere.  It's part of that
sense of wonder which is so rare these days - remembering when, chomping on
cookies, downing a glass of milk, finishing a comic - yet feeling like I had
been somewhere completely different for the entire time.  Amazing #30
completely engaged my senses, and my intellect, and my wonder.

Thanks again, Joe!  It's nice to know Peter's in safe hands (well, as safe as
any comic character with a writer determined to put him through hell and back
can be:-)

Walter R. White

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Cool, I appreciate the good review, thanks.


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