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On 11 Apr 2001 11:54:51 -0700, kensu at madison.tdsnet.com (Chris
Schumacher) wrote:

>On 7 Apr 2001 22:35:56 -0700, "Joseph DeMartino"
><jdemarti at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>> ... we could say Straczynskian (in reference to doing the impossible) <
>>Not after a couple of beers couldn't. <g>  (Nor after a peanut butter
>>sandwich, come to think of it.)
>I guess we now know what the "S" in SAL-9000 stood for.

Forgive me for being clueless, but SAL-9000???

The only similar I'm aware of is HAL-9000...

(in any case I have trouble with Joe's name even without a beer or
peanut butter sandwich...<G>
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Just so folks know...the site is now an ex-site.


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