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From: mdugas at arenet.net (Michael Dugas)
Date: 11 Apr 2001 09:47:19 -0700
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Just caugt B2 on Sci-Fi last night.  Noticed something for the first

In the scene where the Major, Sinclair, Zathras and the Guards all run
out into the corridor to see 'The One' ...

As the scene progresses, there is a pan move and you can catch - on
the right side of the screen, a guy sitting on some crates wearing a
red t-shirt, blue jeans and it looked like a baseball cap... If I
remember right - I think he has a cup of coffee (or something) up
there and a clipboard...

It goes by pretty fast - I noticed it because I had to tape it so I
could watch it later (thanks to a class I teach...) 

If interested, I'll grab a transcript tonight and post where it is

(Of course, with my luck, this has already been discussed here...
sorry if it has... :) 



- Michael Dugas
- glithndr at whitestar.org

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Date: 11 Apr 2001 20:25:37 -0700
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Sigh...they didn't get the year 1 fixes out because they were so focused on
replacing the later wide errors...will remind them to replace this.


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