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Kevin Munoz wrote:
> These are people on a
> mission to save ten billion lives with a deadline they have been told
> countless times is too short for them to succeed...so instead of
> opening music with any sense of urgency, I get music that makes me feel
> like I'm taking a warm bubble bath.

Trying to maintain some feeling of "urgency" with 5 years to go would be
futile, and make the stories repetitive. And the opening music reflects
the other parts of Crusade, which would by the end of the season push
the whole plague situation into the background.

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Just for the curious, on the topic of ratings for Crusade....

Going to SFC, the show (which doesn't have the visibility of B5 by name) would
be doing well if it did around a .7 or so in the ratings.

The opening episode did a 1.1, and the second night got a .9, both far and
above what was anticipated...and significantly, as season openers go, "Racing
the Night" (my original pilot/opener) built in audience whereas "War Zone" (the
one TNT commissioned) decreased in audience on their respective opening nights.

It's nice to be right once in a while....


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