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Just a few bits of comics related business, mostly recap but all in one place
for a change, so feel free to ignore if you've seen it or comics ain't your

Couple of nice articles about my run on the Amazing Spider-Man in this week's
Entertainment Weekly and today's USA Today for those who track such things.
Turns out the issue of ASM that came out last week is number 5 on the charts.

After a longer-than-desired break, the new issue of Rising Stars (#14) comes is
supposed to be out this Thursday.  It's probably the best looking issue to
date.  You can get a preview of the pages at:


No Honor #3 also appears this Thursday from B5 alum Avery.

Michael Zulli, well known for his work with Neil Gaiman on Sandman, has begun
working on Delicate Creatures, my graphic novel which will be coming out from
Image sometime this summer/fall.

The next Midnight Nation should be out in a week or two.

Finally, the revised screenplay for the Rising Stars motion picture is in, and
the response is extremely encouraging...I'm beginning to think this thing may
actually get made....

Pooped but pleased....


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