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Okay, some general updates....

The first week of Crusade on SFC actually outpulled B5, coming in at 1.0 for
the week, with B5 at .7 (up from .6 the previous week...the series is now in
its second rerun cycle at SFC, and is again beginning the pattern of rising as
the arc starts moving).  For the week Crusade was the #5 rated show, B5 #10. 
So B5 now constitutes 2 out of the top 10 shows for SFC, and Crusade is the
highest rated strip show on SFC.

On the Legend of the Rangers....

Sets are being built even as I write this.  Designs have been worked out that
take the B5 look to a new level, including a ship unlike anything we've ever
done before, very ambitious, very different appearance.

Most of the cast has been set, there are only two roles left to be cast and
those should be locked down in a couple of days.  It's starting to pick up
considerable speed and momentum.  SFC and WB are *extremely* pleased with the

There are some comments here and there about the B5 actor who will appear in
the TV movie, and the director, but I can't comment pending a press release
from SFC, which should be out shortly.  

I think people are going to be pleased and surprised by the look and feel of
the show...it has an energy that feels a lot like S3 of B5...by turns funny,
intense, weird, with action and some very nice character stuff.

It's gonna be very cool....


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