[B5JMS] Administrivia: list changes coming

b5jms-admin at cs.columbia.edu b5jms-admin at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Feb 28 21:01:59 EST 2001

This is a message from the maintainer of the B5JMS list.

A couple of months ago I told people that I'll have to stop maintaining this
list.  Many people have offered to help, and even more have sent their
thanks.  Thank you folks!  It's nice to be reminded from time to time that
people do appreciate this "silent one-way" list service.

The system administrators of this site have installed a newer and better
mailing list manager called Mailman.  I will be moving the B5JMS list from
the Majordomo list manager to Mailman.  During the move there may be some
disruptions, test messages sent, duplicate messages, and other possible
problems.  I hope nothing major will happen, but please be prepared and
patient with us.

One of the advantages of Mailman is the ease of sharing the responsibility
of maintaining a large subscribership between several maintainers; in
addition, Mailman handles the vast majority of bounces automatically (yes,
by unsubscribing those whose email messages bounce repeatedly).

I will soon be picking up a couple of assistants to handle the occasional
requests from subscribers and others.

Erez Zadok.
Columbia University Department of Computer Science.
EMail: ezk at cs.columbia.edu           Web: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~ezk
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