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From: Maagic <magic at cybrtyme.com>
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It's kinda like knowing Clark Kent is Superman, but it's still fun to
watch him either try to come up with excuses around Lois or watching him
sweat when Lois says "Where's Clark?"

Lisa Coulter wrote:
> Lurker wrote:
> > I watched ItB first on TNT. It was my first exposure to  the series, and I
> > didn't find the series ruined for me. :-)
> This of course wasn't true for me (I've been watching since The Gathering first
> aired) but I bet ItB would be an excellent way to start the series. It's
> different from the way many of us were exposed, but having the EM war done first
> means looking at Sinclair and Delenn in the first season would be very
> different.  OTOH, I still think it would be interesting.  To me, the revelations
> of what happened to Sinclair weren't neraly as important, and frankly, I had
> heard much darker scenarios for Delenn and the EM war speculated on the net.  So
> I really don't see how it would ruin the show.
> Lisa Coulter
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> > "Dave Thomer" <dave at notnews.org> wrote in message
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> > > Well, considering that I'll bet lots of people watched In the Beginning
> > > before watching the reruns on TNT the first time out, and considering that
> > > JMS knew this was going to be the case, I guess he feels that there's some
> > > advantage to the story being told this way -- probably the "let the viewer
> > > see the end and then watch how we get there" thing.  Since I started
> > > watching B5 late second season, and knew much of the backstory already,
> > I'm
> > > probably not the person to say whether or not this is a good approach or
> > > not.
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My logic on ItB was basically this: you can't keep the basic info on the series
a secret forever.  Some things enter the common base of knowledge.  So you may
as well play into that by showing what folks will pretty much know about over
time anyway, and make the suspense one of, "When are the *characters* going to
find out about this stuff?"

Playing B5 to some extent as a mystery only works when it's first on the air. 
After that, the dynamic changes substantially.


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