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>>Did they leave in the copyright notice?
>This makes a difference how?

Even though it makes no difference whatsoever, Bookface.com did go to great
lengths to make sure everyone entering there KNEW full well they weren't
supposed to be copying things in any way, shape, form, method, manner, device,
system, or any other general smart-ass tinkerings.  

I know this because the entire reason why I ever went to the site, and the only
reason, was to read those scripts.  And while reading them, I confess, I fairly
oozed with the desire to abscond with them.  They were *good*.  Kosh-good. 

But I didn't, because Joe was kind enough to let me see them.  Oh, my mind
flittered restlessly over the means such a thing might be done - the
imagination wanders, when one is finding oneself sitting back regularly during
the reading of something just to say "that's *good*" to an empty room, sans
people, sans dogs, sans fish.  Sans sans, even.  I think even the cockroaches
were on holiday.

Just me, at that moment, and the continuation of a tale feared lost.  The kind
of lost - the kind of never-to-return lost, like when mom's just thrown out
your comic collection because your room was a mess.

And if I didn't mention it before, it was *good*.

Copyright is automatic, requiring no notice, no disclaimer, no reminder,
nothing whatsoever other than the author putting the words down on a piece of
paper, or an analogue thereof.  Which too, is *good*.

So, thanks to Joe, keep 'em coming, and we'll keep our hands out of the
cookie-jar.  Joe's busy making a new batch now.  


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>>>Did they leave in the copyright notice?



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