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Well, the moratorium on information is over now that MGM has announce the info
at San Diego Comic Con (which, sadly, I can't attend due to the press of work).

It was previously announced that I was writing the pilot 2-hour opener for a
series entitled JEREMIAH.  What was not known, though speculated about, was the
show going to series.  We got the go ahead right around the end of the year,
though I've had to be kinda quiet about it until now.

In brief: it's an order for 20 hours (the opening 2 hour movie and 18 hours to
follow) for the Showtime Network.  We start formal prep next Wednesday, and
start shooting September 4th; after finishing the movie we then go right into
shooting the series.  We've hired all our crew, we're in the very last stages
of casting (with several name actors up for various roles), and we're just
about ready to rock.

This is going to be a heavily dramatic series, character-oriented, with a
measure of action and humor as well.  Because this is pay cable, they've taken
off the usual broadcast TV handcuffs and told me to take it to the wall
creatively, no restrictions, so I plan to do just that.

The series will debut on Showtime in January with a huge PR campaign.  I still
kinda have to wait for Showtime before I can talk specifics about others
involved (writers, directors, cast, and so on).  But in my view it's a terrific
team, and it's going to be a fun show.


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