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In article <JEDm6.591$p5.2473 at news1.rivrw1.nsw.optushome.com.au>, "Chris
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>For a person from a shaky and newly established goverment to be tossing
>threats around at a VERY popular hero who just deposed a despot and a
>dictatorship is just a little strange for me especialy when she weakly trys
>to justify her own inaction....
>Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Human beings can be very silly.   The situation was much
worse than you describe it.   In many ways she was Sheridan's

Throughout Sheridan's stay on Earth, Earthdome was 6 words
away from destruction.   All Sheridan had to say into his link
was "Sheridan to Whitestar Fleet.   Destroy Earthgov".  (Was
he wearing the same link he used against Z'ha'dum?)

President Susanna Luchenko was getting very poor advice at 
this time.  Not only did her bluff dishonouring the (verbal) 
white flag Sheridan had came to Earth under, but would fail 
to save Earth from two big external dangers.  The first danger 
was Sheridan's forces - killing him would probably trigger 
their revenge attack.

The second danger was that the aliens may decide to loot
Earth.  For instance, the Greeks looted Troy when Helen left.  
Sheridan may have had the authority to send the aliens home 
unpaid,  no one else did.

Andrew Swallow

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Also bear in mind that traditionally, Russian leaders NEVER show weakness or
fear to a possible opponent.  Most of their early Cold War shoe-banging was
bluff.  It's very much a Russian thing.


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