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I was just revisting one of the few Captain Power webpages, and was
wondering about something...
You said that you left Captain Power because the toy companies took it
over... What changes did they force on the show?
I looked over the plan for Season 2, and it does seem rather weird to
me, since most of the changes seemed to be detrimental to the toy
companies... Scout and Tank staying out of their suits for most of the
season; interactivity completely wiped; many battles which don't
involve the suits at all... In fact, the only new "toy" was Ranger,
which actually makes sense because she was supposed to be a
replacement (in a Galen sort of way) for Pilot.
Did the producers relent, or does all this information come from
BEFORE the change happened?


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I left because I was told that the toy company/sponsor would be having more
input into the show, and approving stories more in line with how they promoted
the toys. 

It's to Larry's credit that he was able to hammer back long enough to do some
good stories afterward.  Me, I'd been through those wars already, and had no
desire to relive them.


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