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Jms at B5 wrote:

> >I've taken a look at the thread containing the reactions and they're almost
> >all extreme, dismissive and resistant to change, with the exception of
> >Warren Ellis himself.
> I actually couldn't find it, so I have no way to judge it.  I think they're
> likely responding to something they *think* I'm doing rather than what I'm
> actually doing.

You can find a rather lively discussion (not sure if it's the one they're
referring to or not) here:


You can log in as a guest, but you might want to hang around and post,
JMS...lots of comics types hang around there, since it's ceaselessly moderated
by Ellis to weed out all but the more intelligent and articulate posters.  IMO,
it's one of the best 'net fora around, comics or no comics.

A sample from the thread header:

"From:  Warren Ellis (WARRENELLIS)  Mar-10 12:50 pm
To:  ALL  (1 of 135)

This is one of those things that just hits me as laugh-out-loud funny: the
contortions intelligent people go through to enliven a moribund trademark. Black
humour, certainly, since I've been there and done that, but still....


This link is Mike Sangiacomo's interview column at Newsarama. And he's talking
to J Michael Straczynski about what he's doing on SPIDER-MAN."

Jacob G Corbin
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Saw it.  Hardly worth further discussion here.


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