[B5JMS] [administrivia] Re: Lots of messages

b5jms-admin at cs.columbia.edu b5jms-admin at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Mar 14 16:24:30 EST 2001

In message <200103142103.QAA22376 at zeus.jersey.net>, elally at jersey.net writes:
> Hi there.  Today I received around 40-50 messages 
> from the list with various dates over the past month
> or so.  Any suggestions on what happened?  I've been
> signed up to the list for quite a while; however I
> made my first post to the rastb5.moderated newsgroup
> over the weekend.
> Thanks!
> Ed Lally

It was a misconfigured mailer out on the 'Net which happily bounced back
messages TO THE LIST.  That user's email was unsubscribed.  These kinds of
things happen every few months, but never 50 messages all at once.

Sorry for the burst.


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