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From: "Paul McElligott" <mcelligott6 at home.com>
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Have you ever given any thought to shooting a series on high definition
video?  I only ask because I've been watching A&E's new series "100 Center
St." which is shot with HD video camera instead of film.  It gives the show
a really unique look that is neither fish nor fowl.

Of course, I have no concept of the production realities governing such a
decision.  It may be too expensive for all I know (although "Center St" is
also a cable series so their budget can't be bottomless either).   It does
seem that it would cut a few steps out of the post production stages.

Any thoughts?

Paul McElligott
"Life is a full contact sport;
Wear a cup or get off the ice."

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I don't think the quality of what you can get for broadcast TV HDTV is yet
where it needs to be for an SF show heavy with EFX.


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