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Well, I still think the VCD's with Crusade on them coming from Asian
countries are also pirated, or copyright infringements as well. 


I don't care how nice the packaging looks, or how much like the videos
and the DVD's in the UK they packageling resembles, copy machines can
make beautiful color copies of covers just as a VCD machine can churn
out hundreds of pirate copies in just a few hours. 

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VCDs of both B5 and Crusade were released legitimately by WB only for the Asian
market.  So in general, though I can't speak to the specifics of this one, the
concept is indeed legal, though they're not supposed to be shipped into the

BTW, and I'm appending this here because I don't have much chance to post stuff
these days and this may be my only note for a bit...for those going to the Lord
of the Rings when it opens up, there will be a Legend of the Rangers trailer
shown in most of the theaters carrying that film, plus some will get B5:LoTR
trading cards.


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