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Nielsen wrote:
> Does anyone have a clue about cinemas outside the United States?

This is the US SciFi channel promoting their airing of it. In other
countries, the promotion will be up to whatever TV station is airing it.

> P.S. does anyone know how long before the international release date th=
> programmers get told about an upcoming series,

There is no upcoming series yet - only a TV Movie.

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PS to my prior note...I stooged it.  SFC mentioned trading cards and the LoTR
screening trailer in the same breath, and I thought the two were connected. 
Apparently they're doing *electronic* trading cards, fully interactive, with
video from the movie and efx and stuff, that are now available from scifi.com,
not your basic paper trading cards.  Apologies for the confusion, it's a
lifestyle thing with me.


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