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spoiler space for issue 35 of Amazing Spiderman


   I really enjoyed the latest issue, and the entire Ezekiel/Morlun arc.  Just
comparing notes with B5, I'm running under the assumption that the next six
will grow out of the fertile field begun by the first six.  (It was a bit
jarring, like having the Shadow War wrap up so suddenly, to see Morlun
vanquished in issue six of your initial 12-issue run...)  I did like the fact
that finally, Aunt May isn't clueless.  I've been worried about the old gal all
these years - I mean, not even a *suspicion*?!?  Nice you left no room for her
to be able to rationalise it away.

  Now the question:  Is the arc running as you initially envsioned it?  Will
Issue 36 tie-in with the arc?  (I know, wait and see...:-)  More importantly,
since issue 36 couldn't have been in the original gameplan, is this creating
any issues for your overall plan for the set of 12 issues?  (Like Marvel
wouldn't want to keep you on for, oh, eternity anyway.)

  Thanks again for making me care about Peter Parker again.  Feels like an old
friend came back to visit.  Hadn't seen him in awhile.

   Walter R. White
   Corning, NY USA

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Issue 36 is a total stand-alone, of necessity, since to tie it in to any kind
of comic story would, I think, diminish the real life story involved.

The morlun story was in a sense a warm up for the larger story, I wanted to
jump in with a nice action piece, something to let me focus in on his
character, and lay the foundation for the rest of it, so yeah, it's so far
going according to the outline.


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