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A not so ringing review has been posted for the upcoming movie.  I'm hoping
the reviewer has a strong bias against B5.  I unfortunately have a very
strong bias against Crusade.  I taped every episode and have yet to rewatch
or have the desire to rewatch any of them.  I have also been VERY
disappointed with the B5 telefilms, with the exception of In the Beginning.

With respect to details listed in the review:

If there truly is a scene with someone handling the ships guns via a VR
bubble, I'll be extremely disappointed.  Hopefully it won't be as tacky as
it sounds.

If the new aliens are described as being so powerfull that they make the
shadows "look like insects", then they sure as hell had better not be as
easy to kill as the reviewer states they are.

If this telefilm tanks, I'd honestly be open to the idea of someone else
taking over the universe from Joe.  There should have been someone or
several someones in place to let Joe know what was wrong with Thirdspace,
river of souls and especially Crusade.  Crusade wasn't an aberration, there
were precedents for it with the telefilms and parts of season 5.  I dearly
want LOTR to kick total ass.  I like what I've seen of the new captain, and
sincerely look forward to having a new alien powerhouse on the block.  The
drakh just don't inspire fear.

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>A not so ringing review has been posted for the upcoming movie.  I'm hoping
>the reviewer has a strong bias against B5.  I unfortunately have a very
>strong bias against Crusade.  

Let's see...a reviewer who goes under the handle Captain Christopher Pike (a
classic Star Trek character), compares everything in B5 to Star Trek, and is
subbing for another so-called reviewer called Herc who is a bigtime B5 hater
from way back...AND he posts a negative "review" of B5: Rangers?

I'm shocked...shocked, I tell you.

Lemme give you a heads-up here...there is a qualitative difference between an
actual reviewer and the kind of jumped up fanboy who posts a message on this
kind of system specifically for the purpose of trashing something out of the
usual fanboy feud shit we've seen over the last seven years.  (And then, from
what I've heard, pops on over to b5lr.com to get reactions because he wants to
get his jollies.)

This is not a review.  It's not even close to a review, and this kind of crap
is what totally destroys and has destroyed any hope of legitimacy that aicn
has, which is why just about everybody in the business now totally writes them
off.  It started off as a news site, now it's a fanboy site with clearly
distinguished biases.

They don't like that I say this?  Tough.  It's my review of their performance. 

Look, how about we actually *see* the thing?  I think it may be one of the best
things B5 we've ever done.  WB had NO NOTES on the thing.  SFC had ONE note, to
make one word (entil'zha) a bit louder because it's kind of a plot point.  Both
places referred to it as stunning and beautiful and maybe our best work to

So for some cretin as this to come out and try to torpedo something out of the
same crap feud that's been out there for seven years, and for people like you
to actually *fall* for this crap and post things like....

>If this telefilm tanks, I'd honestly be open to the idea of someone else
>taking over the universe from Joe. 

...demonstrates a degree of credulity bordering on the mind-boggling.

This happens every time we do anything B5 related, it happened every season of
the show ("We've seen scripts for season three and it's going to be just
action, no more character stuff") and you'd think sooner or later people would
learn not to fall for the okeydoke especially when a piece like this is SO
obviously a plant by someone with an anti-B5 bias (a prior aicn review that
slipped in, from someone WITHOUT any B5 bias, LOVED the film and this was
before the EFX were even in the damned thing).

Jesus, Jonathan, get a grip and use a little critical thinking once in a


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