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About two years ago, a through-marriage relation of mine lost her fiancee in an
accident.  Among other things, she kept his dog, Buster.  For a variety of
reasons, she must now put the dog up for adoption.  As you can well imagine,
the dog is *very* close to her, and she is looking for someplace special, a
good home and family with a good sized yard or farm up in the Seattle area. 
Here is her description of Buster:

"Buster Brown is a beautiful mixed breed Sharpei-Black Lab, who is about 5
years old and weighs approximately sixty-five pounds.  He is extraordinarily
charming and outgoing, and has a keen canine intelligence.  Buster responds
quickly and effusively to love and attention.  His favorite hobbies are taking
walks, playing catch and being the center of attention.  When he is
particularly happy, he enjoys rolling around on the rug or leaping and prancing
about the yard.  Because he was socialized after his puppy years were behind
him, he can be aggressive with other dogs, especially (and predictably) when he
is on a leash.  However, since he is very intelligent and eager to please, he
responds well to firm knowledgeable training.  Buster needs to be the "only
child" pet of an owner who loves and understands active dogs and can spend time
being his buddy.  He would do best in a home without young children or other

If you live in the Seattle area, or thereabouts, in a place big enough to give
the dog a good home, and would like to adopt Buster, please send a note to me
at this email address with some kind of corroboration (only because as we all
know there are any number of insincere people out there).  If it looks like a
good fit, I'll give you the info you need to adopt Buster.

Many thanks.


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