[B5JMS] How does cell phone work in Jeremiah?

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: Spoiler space
: J
: e
: r
: e
: m
: i
: a
: h

: i
: s

: v
: e
: r
: y

: g
: o
: o
: d

: should be enough

: One thing puzzles me is the way cell phone is still working in Jeremiah's
: world since all the station would be gone and there is no power left to
: transfer the calls.  (I will leave the how does one calls out from a nuclear
: shelter with a cell phone question out.)

For that matter, why is the GPS system still working, and why does it
work inside a *mountain*.

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The satellites are still in orbit, and still available to anyone with the power
to get to them.

And as for accessing them from inside the mountain...in both cases, we clearly
see Markus (or Lee) plugging the phone (a smaller version of the contemporary
sat-phones) into a plug marked EXT. ANT. for exterior antenna.

So we covered that.


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