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> In article <aFS79.46687$EJ4.1527436 at news4.srv.hcvlny.cv.net>,
> Gary Seven  <gary7seven at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >What was Clinton? A Liar, a phony, a scam artist, a philanderer, AND *a
> >Crook*.
> >
> >I don't like a lot of what's going on either, but we were ATTACKED,
> >brutally --and I'm waiting for the day when I'll see you criticize a
> >liberal Democrat, especially one that happens to be in power.
> You'll be waiting a very long time.  JMS seems to be quite rigidly
> partisan - In his world, Democrats are always paragons of virtue
> and common sense, Republicans are always stupid, evil, and insane.

And yet, one paragraph later, you said:

> The only nice word I have seen from JMS about any Republican was
> when he was campaigning for McCain in the primary.  

So, according to you, JMS is totally against any Republican, believing
them to be "always stupid, evil, and insane" and yet actively campaigned
for a republican candidate?  

How do you reconcile this?  Ah, yes, you invent an ulterior motive.  After
all, you certainly can't judge him by what his actions actually *were*, you
can only judge him by what you believe his thougths are:

> I posted then
> that I thought this was because he expected McCain to be easier
> to beat in November, and asked for his word of honor that, if
> McCain were to win the primary, he would still be campaigning for
> him and vote for him in November.  For whatever reason, he didn't
> reply.

For "whatever" reason could be that he replies to a very small percentage
of the threads on this newsgroup (I never counted, but I'd be surprised if
more than 1% of all posts got a response from JMS).  Don't take it
personally, he's only responded to 4-5 of my posts during my 5-6 years
of posting here.

If McCain had won the primary, then McCain would be in office.  There
were a lot of moderates who were undecided between McCain and Gore.  Once
McCain was out of the race, all those votes went to Gore.  The problem
McCain had was that he opposed the disproportionate amount of influence
that big business (including businesses masquerading as religious groups
such as Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, and Pat Robertson's various organizations)
had in politics and sought to limit it.  This mobilized those groups to 
give unprecedented amounts of money to the Bush campaign so that he was able
to outspend Gore 4 to 1.  Even with all that, and an unforseen organization
of religious groups backing him, Bush still barely squeaked into the White
House in one of the most contested elections in US history.

> (He may also have at one time said something nice about Jeffords,
> but, of course, Jeffords doesn't count.)

Of course, since he later left the Republican party, anything JMS may
have said nice about him doesn't count since, of course, JMS knew that
Jeffords was going to leave the party.  And the reasons that anything
nice he may have said about Jerry Doyle are obvious.  

As long as you can come up with reasons why everything JMS says in favor
of a Republican "doesn't count" then yeah, I guess you can stick to your
original statement that he's never said anything nice about a Republican.
At least, not anything that "counts".

Perhaps it isn't JMS who's the mindless partisan in this case, eh?

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>Don't take it
>personally, he's only responded to 4-5 of my posts during my 5-6 years
>of posting here.



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