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> >The impression he is giving to some is
> >he can't keep his monthly commitment (though the commitment is
> >"implied").  That can turn off some who only collect comics.
> But see, this is where it gets to the part that pisses me off.
> Lemme put this into perspective here for a moment, okay?
> I began writing and selling when I was 17 years old.  Fresh outta high
> Thirty years of punctual work and it's all dismissed because of one
> like this, which in the case of ASM meant a difference of only 2-3 weeks
> apiece.
> Let he who has never, ever missed a deadline or had to postpone something
> me shit about it.  Otherwise, I have 29 and a half years on 'em.
Don't let 'em get to ya, Joe. Some people are going to kvetch no matter what
you do and how well you do it. If it weren't a bit late, they'd bitch about
the color separation on page x being slightly off, or that they didn't like
the dialogue between two characters.
Eliyahu Rooff
RSG Rollcall http://u1.netgate.net/~kirby34/rsg/rooffe.htm

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BTW, just as a reminder, it looks like DELICATE CREATURES is FINALLY hitting
bookstores this coming Wednesday after the printer's error was fixed.

'bout time....


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