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>"Oh my stars and garters" may have been *used* in Uncle Scrooge, but I'm
>pretty sure it long predates it.  I believe the expression dates from
>the golden age of burlesque in this country (think about it.)
You're probably correct!

>People need to be careful about assuming that the first place they
>encountered an expression is the first place that it *occurred*, 
Not my iontention, but I'll leave it to JMS to say where he first
heard the phrase if he choses to comment.

or that
>Writer B definitely "borrowed" something from Writer A just because they
>both used it.  Even if Banks *had* originated the phrase, its been used
>in so many other places since that it has simply entered the language,
Really? I would love to know some other recent uses.

>no more represents a deliberate "borrowing" than using a phrase like "No
>Sh*t, Sherlock" - which doubtless was invented by some individual at
>some definite time, but has since entered the "public domain"
I certainly wasn't using the word borrowing in any way as a negative.
The public domain issue is moot.


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I don't recall exactly where I heard it first, might've been in an old (30s)
movie...but it definitely wasn't in the Carl Barks strip.


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